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Fully Automatic Paper Bags Making Machine

Fully Automatic Paper Bags Making Machine

Embark on an era of efficiency and precision with Guoran's Fully Automatic Paper Bags Making Machine, an advanced solution provided by leading suppliers in China. This cutting-edge machine is meticulously designed for seamless operation, featuring automated processes from paper feeding to bag finishing. Guoran, as your trusted supplier, brings you a state-of-the-art system that encompasses drum feeding, side gluing, electric eye tracking, precise cutting, and gluing forming, delivering a fully automated paper bag production experience.

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Product Description

Controlled centrally by a PLC touch screen and powered by a servo motor for accurate length control, this Guoran high quality Fully Automatic Paper Bags Making Machine ensures optimal performance in the production of paper bags. Whether you are in the business of food packaging, retail, or other industries, Guoran's Fully Automatic Paper Bags Making Machine is tailored for versatility and efficiency, offering a reliable solution to meet your diverse needs. Elevate your production capabilities with Guoran, your partner for innovative and automated paper bag manufacturing in China.

Characteristics and Applications:

This Fully Automatic Paper Bags Making Machine showcases a sophisticated design, incorporating drum feeding (pneumatic feeding with automatic deviation correction and tension adjustment), side gluing, printing paper electric eye tracking, base paper cylinder formation, fixed-length drawing cutting, bag bottom indentation opening, bag bottom gluing forming, and the final bag finishing.

The entire system is centrally controlled by a PLC touch screen, with a servo motor precisely managing the paper bag's length.

1) Introducing our latest food paper bag making machine, specifically tailored for applications such as chips, bakery items, and similar products found in establishments like KFC and McDonald's.

2) Automatic constant tension control during unwinding, featuring a Servo Motor system and material feeding motor with an inverter for enhanced precision.

3) Main motor control is facilitated with an inverter for optimized operational control.

4) Automatic material depletion shutdown feature ensures the machine stops automatically when out of material.

5) Wheel-type gusset unit equipped with a motor for efficient gusset formation.

6) The machine incorporates a closed-type automatic glue application and forming system, streamlining the bag production process.

7) The inclusion of a side lay working table ensures user-friendly operation, enhancing overall efficiency.

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